When I was 16 years old it was at a time when the internet was new in the Czech Republic. The internet was used by students and general public, but also by businesses for marketing purposes. It was the beginning of Gay marketing in Czech Republic.

In 2001 I founded Honilek.cz and as one of the first gay websites in our country. It became well known and popular quickly. In the beginning it was mainly a website where I was posting about things in my life, photographs and about the gay scene in Czech Republic; a bit like what we now call a blog (but blogs appeared later ). In time, it subsequently metamorphosed into an information portal and an accommodation agency for gays from all over the world.

After 9 years of working on the Internet, the idea of publishing a paper version of the information, combined with a map crossed my mind. This led to publishing my first gay map in 2010. 5000 maps were distributed for free. At that time, it was in competition with existing gay guides, so penetration into the market was slow.

Then I decided to release a map based on a completely different idea. The map will be for free and its mission will be really simple: help orienting visitors around the Prague gay scene…and also orienting the locals as well! This idea offered something extra and got a lot of support from shareholders and advertisers. The map in its current form is the most successful in Prague.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Jakub Kosmider


Special thanks to: Honza Provaznik and Andrew Scott

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