Distribution Points:


Celebrity Café, Boudoir, Q Café, Erra Café, Café Flirt, Café Muzeum, Saints Bar, Piano Bar, Střelec Pub, Heaven Bar, Bar 21, Kafírna u Českého pána, AXM club Prague, Termax club, Termix club, Friends club, JampaDampa club, Drakes club, Heaven club, Alcatraz club, Escape club, Termple club


H46, U Richarda


Golden Age, Rio Bar


PIS (Prague information service), Dům Světla (Lighthouse), Segway Tours – Mostecká 4, TitanMen.cz – Online shop , Euforikum.cz – Online shop

International Distribution

AXM Club Malta, some clubs in München, Berlin, Budapest, Bangkok and Phuket

Why is our map the best?

Prague Gay Map by GayPride.cz ispopular with tourists as well as locals for many reasons. It´s available
for free in gay and gay-friendly venues across Prague, various Czech cities, and at selected places and
events in Europe. All info is up-to-date, double checked, and presented in a well-arranged format on a high-standard street map.

Prague Gay Maps by Gaypride.cz are:

  • Always available free of charge
  • Regularly re-stocked
  • Always located in an easly visible spot near the entrance in venues
  • Prague Gay Map is also available for free download from gaypride.cz

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